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Minor Trauma Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In North America, prophylactic removal of wisdom teeth is advocated between 17-25 years of age to prevent foodpacking, caries, periodontitis and other lesions.


With Microscope Enhanced Dentistry at False Creek Pure Dental, we utilize the Minor Flap procedure to precisely section tooth and bone—less swells and complications.

Immediately after Exo

Case presentation 1:

21 year old female, microsurgery  (minor traumatic) wisdom tooth (3rd molar) extraction by Dr. Yan.

Before Exo: impacted bony impacted

3 days after, no swells

10 days after, sutures removed. Surgery site completely sealed.

Case presentation 2:

 More complicated: Root cross the nerve!!
25 year old femal. Minor traumatic approach by Dr. Yan. 

 small wound sutured after exo

 Sutures removed after 10 days, no swell on patient left side.

Case presentation 3:  29-year-old female with minor-Thalassemia, pre-medication was given.

Before the extraction

4th Day after extraction

10th Day after extraction

#48 before exo

#48 4th day after exo

#48 10th day after exo

#18 before exo

#18 4th day after exo

#18 10th day after exo

#38 before exo

#38 4th day after exo

#38 10th day after exo

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