A-PRF & i-PRF Course by Dr Choukroun in Nice France

On May 1, 2015, Dr. Yan attended SYFAC course (Nice , France) by Dr Choukroun, the father of L-PRF.

He introduced his newest A-PRF (Advanced PRF) & i-PRF (injectalbe PRF) technology. PRF (platelet riched Fribrin) was introduced by Dr. Choukroun in 2001. As a

A-PRF & i-PRF will be used in Dr. Yan's practice immediately on : dental implant bone grafting, wisdomtooth removal, root coveray and periodontal regeneration. The wisdom tooth removal and dental implant protocal will also be modifed based on the Dr. Choukroun's newest concepts on pain control and patient management.

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