False Creek Pure Dental: BPA free dental office

Health Canada report concluded that BPA exposure from dental sealants and composites is extremely small in comparison to other sources and that no further regulations on BPA derived from these materials is required.

Canadian Denal Association still gave some clinical practice advices to reduce the potential of any releasing of BPA from sealant or composite.

To complete diminish the worry about BPA, False Creek Pure Dental introduced the new BPA free composite: Venus® Diamond and Venus® Pearl by Heraeus Kulzer (Germany). (details click here)

Venus® Diamond is also the best nanofill brand among 8 top brands in a three-year practice-based controlled clinical trial. (Class II resins: nanofill brands as group show best performance yet, Gordon J. Chjristensen Clincians Reports, Volume 7 issues 4, April 2014)

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