False Creek Pure Dental's 

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

False Creek Pure Dental is a proud member of

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry


The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is an International Association of Restorative Microdentistry, Periodontal Microsurgery, Microendodontics, Microprosthodontics, Implant Microsurgery, and Associated Disciplines.


"Microscope magnification will continue to shed new light to challenge the established legacy concepts, theories and techniques in dental practice and education."

At False Creek Pure Dental, Zeiss Dental Micoscrope makes a huge different. With it, Dentists see more and better, and are able to perform better procedures. 

Microscope Enhanced= impeccable Fillings!!!

With microscope, fillings can be more precisely placed, preventing damage to adjacent tissues, which is often the case with conventional procedures.





303 W 2nd Avenue
Vancouver , BC  V5Y 1C9

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easy access:

 300 meters east of Olympic Village Skytrain station, in front of #84 (westbound ) bus stop.


Around clinic, abundant $1 per hour  pay parking, free 2 hour street  parking location 

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